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ISO is supported, but not BIN/CUE

For my usecase it would be great if you could also implement support for BIN/CUE images of audio-CD's.

I would like to make a test-burn audio CD to Phantom and if the test Phantom CD is ok, then I would like to convert it into a BIN/CUE image.
However that is currently not supported, Phantom only support the creation of an ISO (but ISO can't be used for audio-CD)

Can you pls. implement BIN/CUE?

BIN/CUE support

In fact PD does not support the creation of BIN/CUE images, but its own format and ISO only. This will not be changed in the future for PD, but you can create ab ISO file and concert it e.g. with WinISO as described here: https://v6.winiso.com/support/tutorials/convert-iso.html

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