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Resuming image creation after reboot possible?

Is it possible to pause the creation of an image, shut down the computer, and to resume the creation after a reboot?

I have a CD with literally tens of thousands of unreadable sectors and my computer is trying to read it for two days meanwhile. I've installed new software that requires a reboot and want to use that new software, best without losing those two days of Virtual CD's hard work.

Pause and reboot

You can pause the creation process, but after a reboot Virtual CD will not be able to continue as the program has been closed and has no information on how to resume.

Did you try to start the newly installed program without a reboot?

BTW: Virtual CD offers the possibility of a dynamic error correction in expert copy mode. Hereby the number of sectors to be skipped by the dynamic search can be set.

Resume after reboot?

I'd prefer to reboot before using that software because I want to be as sure as possible that there won't be any otherwise avoidable issues.

So there is no way? Then I'd like to file a feature request - something equivalent to ddrescue's map files.

Feature request

Yes, there is no way to reboot and resume the creation process afterwards with Virtual CD. I will forward your feature request to the developers.

PS: Das Ganze wäre natürlich auch auf Deutsch gegangen... ;-)


Thank you, I'm looking forward to the next, improved version of Virtual CD!

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