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H+H Virtual CD 10 SCSI Controller Failing Regularly

Hi, We run Virtual CD 10 (10.7 latest version) on virtual Windows 10 machines. We have 10 machines that all run the software.

Every couple of months we seem to get the error on the SCSI driver where the orange warning triangle appears and the software no longer works. It usually fails on all devices around the same time but does not coincide with windows updates/reboots. Only way we have found to resolve this so far is to reinstall the application which is awkward and time consuming for the client.

Is there a better way to be resolving this?
Are there measures that can prevent this?

H+H Virtual CD 10 SCSI Controller Failing Regularly

Dear Jess,

as you may already gues I'm running Virtual CD with Windows 10 (and 11) since many years without expereincing this problem. Furtermore I never heard of this problem before. So this is not a general problem, but - as this happens on all of your 10 machines - it is a general problem for you.

So there must be a reason, maybe a third party software or a job, which causes the problem. Are there any suspicous entries in the event manager?

Please check whether the driver file is still present and try to reinstall just the driver. The KB article below gives advice.

However this will not really solve the problem until the reason is clear. And I doubt that Virtual CD or the OS solely is the culprit...

Kind regards,

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