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Virtual Cd turning off other services

Hello!, we have been using virtual cd and vmatrix software ( for more than 3 years now but last week vmatrix software began to show errors. It won't work, in the troubleshooting we discovered that virtual cd is turning off some of the vmatrix software services. We want to know what might be causing the issue since they are very different programs, we install the vmatrix software and it works fine until we install virtual cd. The vmatrix won't work and pops a message saying (error-network connection timed out-please try again later) and in the log file it says windows cannot access a file/service that is in use or doesn't exist, but if we uninstall virtual cd it starts working again, can you guys help us out?

Virtual CD and vMatrix

Dear Mr. Nieves,

Virtual CD does not turn off services of other programs. It is not able to do so. What makes you think that this is the reason why vMatrix is not working anymore? Can you give us further information ob your troubleshooting? Screenshots, if reasonable, can be send to

Kind regards,

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