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Update on Virtual CD 11 Status

Back on June 4, 2018, a newsletter was posted stating that Virtual CD 11 was "in the starting blocks".

It is now well over a year since then.

Would it be possible for you to provide a current update?

Release date for Virtual CD v11

Unfortunately there had been some other development projects which are responsible for the delay of the next version of Virtual CD. Our developers are still working on v11 and are quite confident for a release within the next months. Stay tuned with our spam-free newsletter!

One Final Try...

I've asked this a couple of times before, but since it is now over 2 years after Virtual CD 11 was "in the starting blocks", I thought that I would inquire one final time:

Is a Virtual CD 11 still being planned or has that finally been dropped?

I promise that this will be the last time I ask :-)

Virtual CD v11

I'm sorry for the delay! However v11 is not dropped, but still in development. The delay is due to the fact that the new version is completely newly developed. Other projects with even higher priority unfortunately additionally delay the release...

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