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Purchased Phantom Drive but Download link not working.

This support forum seems to not work very well for me!

I have asked twice via this forum for help in resolving a download link problem for Virtual CD. Both times after a couple days I get an email response that I don't understand. The most recent response directed me to a URL for an inquiry thread regarding forum_id 154931 with the statement that I will need to logon. I see no way to logon at that URL nor do I see any comments on how to correctly download the product I purchased.

Please contact me via email with clear understandable instructions to resolve my problem, or refund the money I paid.


Kenneth Berry

Already answered

Dear Mr. Berry,

I already answered your request three days ago. Please see you spam filter for the notification and link to your thread.

Kind regards,

Answer received but not understood.

I don't have any email in my spam filter.
The email I believe you refer to is pasted below.

When I follow the link provided I get a forum page that allow me to send in a new message. BUT, there is no answer (that I can find) regarding my problem. Additionally, I can not find any place to login as your email suggests.

I suggest you try the URL link you provided me to confirm that it works. I would attach a screen shot of what I get if I could figure out how to attach the jpg.

I would be happy to continue these communications via private messages ( not on the forum) if you would like.


Kenneth Berry

"Dear customer,

Your question has been forwarded to our support team. As soon as your question has
been answered, you will be notified.

Your inquiry thread is stored under

Since your question arrived by e-mail, you need a password and a user name to open
the inquiry thread.

Your user name is:
Your password is: xxxxxx

Kind regards,
Your Virtual CD support team"

My answer

You should have received another email with another link leading to the answer.

However my answer from this thread is more likely a question: "Where did you try to download, within the asknet shop or on the PD website? Please try to request a download link on our website."

Kind regards,

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