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Sound File Mode

Is there any way to prevent creation of the playlist in sound file mode?


The playlist is not created by Virtual CD, but by the burning program itself.

Sound File Mode

Thank you for the reply. I was using the internal VirtualCD copy program. I tried using an external copy program to copy a physical CD to a virtual CD in sound file mode. A playlist (VCDPlayList.m3u) was still created at the end of the burn. It appears it's the sound file mode that is creating the playlist and I can't find any way to prevent it. Any suggestions?


After testing I must admit that the playlist is created by Virtual CD, but unfortunately there is no setting to switch this off. The only thing you can do is to delete the m3u file after creation.

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Sound File Mode

Yes, I just delete the playlist but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some way to avoid creating it.
One more question,. I cannot get the freedb lookup to work. The setup is configured in VirtalCD the the test button results in a successful response. But when I insert an audio CD the lookup fails. The message is "Note: An error occurred while trying to retrieve the CD information." But the test results in the following: '' contacted successfully.

An error occurred while trying to retrieve the CD information

The error message is shown when you insert an audio CD and Virtual CD cannot find a corresponding entry in the CDDB database.

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