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Back on June 4 you sent out a newsletter entitled "Virtual CD 11 is in the starting blocks". Over 4 months later there has been no additional communication regarding this.

Frankly, it doesn't really sound like it was "in the starting blocks". If it was, it's off to the slowest start I've ever seen :-).

Joking aside, are there any updates regarding this? Can you at comment whether Virtual CD 11 is still planned to be released by the end of the year? I realize that release dates can slip so I'm not asking for any firm commitments, just some sort of estimate if at all possible.


No Vaporware

Dear Mr Sehestedt,

we're really working hard on the aim of releasing Virtual CD v11 at the end of this year. This has the highest priority for us. Unfortunately there are other projects which prolonged the release date. However be sure that Virtual CD v11 is no Vaporware, but it will be a completely new developed version with a bunch of new features (which also took additional time...).

Kind regards,

Thanks for your response

Thanks for your response. I'm very much looking forward it!

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