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Trouble writing virtual multi-session discs (process works for physical discs)


I am writing multi-session discs, currently using physical media.

- session 1: write cue/bin pair using CD burning software (GUI, eg. Alcohol 120%)
- session 2: write second session using cdrecord (command line)
cdrecord -dev=3,1,0 -xa1 speed=4 data.iso
- eject to finalise

If I carry out the same process using Virtual CD, I do not get the expected result: the second session does not seem to register?

Here are images showing the final disc structure.

I can share my script and data files if required.

Any help appreciated.


Unfortunately multi-session writing is not supported, even the upcoming version will not provide multi-session writing.

I apologize the inconvenience!

Kind regards,

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