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Burning Files to a PC Sub directory


I have an application that has the ability to burn a set of files to a CD/DVD device. The application does not have the capability to Burn to a PC HDD File location.

I am wondering if there is a way to use a Virtual CD to have a directory on my PC appear to my application as a CD/DVD device.

That way my application can burn it's files to what it thinks is a CD or DVD device, and I can find my application's natively burned files in the defined subdirectory.

Right now, I have successfully been able to set up Virtual CD, and had my application burn to a mounted virtual DVD-RW. However, in that directory, there are 4 files with the following extensions (.000, .001, .002, and .vc10).

Is there any way for this file location to have the natively burned files?

Many thanks,

Rick Gouse

Burning Files to a PC subdirectory

Dear Mr Grouse,

thank you for your interest in Virtual CD! In fact at the moment (i.e. in Virual Cd v10) the files burnt to a virtual DVD-RW are stored within the 00x files and can be accessed only when the virtual DVD-RW is inserted into a virtual drive.

However our developers are busy working on Virtual CD v11 which will contain lots of more features regarding storing files. Stay tuned with our spam-free newsletter!

Kind regards,

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