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Problem with Virtual CD v10 on virtual machine

Hi to all,

I have a problem with Virtual CD v10. I have a MAC and I have installed parallels with my virtual machine of Windows 10. On PC with Windows 10 Virtual CD it works, on virtual machine i can't create a new image disk. There is no way to create an image. Can you help me please?

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Problem with Virtual CD v10 on virtual machine

Which kind of problem do you encounter? Which error message(s) do you get?

Please not that you need a source drive were you insert the media to be virtualized which has to be passed through to your virtual machine. If this is not possible you may try the Virtual CD Editor which works similar to a burning program: Using the Editor to burn CDs

Reply: Problem with Virtual CD v10 on virtual machine

The problem is that I don't see the option "Create Image", but i see only Manage Image. The option Create Image has disappeared


Maybe the Diagnostics output (will be kept internal) will give us a hint on what's going on: right-click on the Quick Start Icon -> Virtual CD Programs -> Show diagnostics.



Thank you for sending us the diagnostoics output! As I can see there is no license entered and the demo time is over. If you need another license you can buy it in our online shop. You can enter the license in the CD Center -> Main Menu -> License.

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